Translate to English

The word “translation” is derived from Latin word translatio which means "to carry across" or "to bring across". Through the decades, many important works are translated from their original languages. This allows many ideas, theories and important documents to be passed on from one place to another.

It also helps to understand different countries and cultures. It is impossible to imagine a civilized world without the translation of literary master pieces from all countries.Translation can be regarded as an art, and we can say without mincing words that translating is not an easy task. Translation from one language to another takes time and dedication. The translator needs to know both the languages, and he also needs to know the science of translation.

 The world has advanced and it has now become what we call a global village. It has become a necessity to communicate with people from all over the world. English breaks this language barrier. Due to this reason many of the books and articles are translated to English. This is mainly done to have more audiences or to reach out a large number of people. For Example, Japanese or Nigerian writers need to write in English if they want to appeal to the mass outside their country. English translators are in demand for these reasons. It is not difficult to be an English translator and earn money. But a good translator not only brings out the sense of the literary work but also is lucid enough to describe the environment the original writer was trying to create. One needs to be fluent in the language they want to translate. But it is also not possible to give a good translation without a good knowledge of English.

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