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Who should take this course:

If you are among the million people all over the world who are planning to take the TOEFL iB Test, then this course is for you.

What is on Offer

This is a 84 hour tutor-led course spread over 90 days. The course offers a step-by-step program designed to equip you with the tools, tips and strategies that makes you supremely confident when you sit before the computer to take the TOEFL iB Test.

Course Details

The course material is simply written and clearly organized. A test taker will have approximately 24 hours of Reading lessons, 18 hours of Listening lessons, 16 hours of Speaking lessons and 16 hours of Writing lessons. The course, by focusing only on the areas that are actually tested on the TOEFL test, frees your time and helps you concentrate your energy on relevant points.


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Items Covered


Each of the lessons in this section covers one of the main type of questions that appear in the Reading Section of the TOEFL iBT and is designed to give you extensive practice reading passages and answering the questions. This section also helps you build your vocabulary.


Each of the lessons in this section covers one of the main types of questions about the conversations and lectures. You practice extensively on listening, taking notes and answering questions.


You get practice both in the Independent Tasks and the Integrated Tasks. All types of Speaking Tasks are covered and the exercises ready you for the responses that you need to give.


Integrated and Independent Writing are covered. The course helps you to formulate the two writing responses to include planning, writing and editing.

Practice Tests:

The Practice tests helps to anticipate the way the TOEFL iB test will pan out and make you test ready.