Spoken English

Many people lose out valuable opportunities because of their inability to speak proper English. Whatever the field you may be in, a working knowledge of English is the need of the hour as the world has become a global village where people need to communicate using a common language. There are also many students who dream to attend an American college. Any candidates who wishes to apply for any college needs to have a strong command of English language verbally. Many students who want to enroll in colleges / universities in the United States shy away from applying as their English is not good enough. Apart from students, many office workers are also losing their chance of a better paying job and even a chance of promotion due to lack of 'standards' in spoken and written English.

 You may be a student, an office worker or a businessman, there are many ways in which you can improve your spoken English. First of all you need to get comfortable with the English language. You should also make it a habit to read English novels, articles and newspapers every day. Since grammar is like the science of language you should also make an effort to have a strong knowledge of grammar. The parts of speech, form of verb, verb-tenses and modals all contribute to fluency in spoken English. You will also need to have the requisite vocabulary be to able speak English fluently. To have a strong vocabulary you can learn new words everyday and make the dictionary your best friend. Apart from all these, you can also join an online tutoring to improve your spoken English.

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