Reading Comprehension Test

Reading comprehension is the level of understanding of a writing piece. It involves understanding  and comprehending what has been read. Reading comprehension test was introduced in schools /colleges in the U.S to test the students’ ability to understand a given passage. Reading comprehension test is included in almost all the examinations and standardized tests. It is used to evaluate a student’s skills to comprehend a passage and answer the questions on the basis of what is written and implied in the given text.

Reading comprehension is challenging therefore it must be learned deliberately. Many students do not understand how to make sense of texts. They need to learn strategies for understanding what they read. One of the strategy to improve reading comprehension is called SQ3R. SQ3R is the short form for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. It is a useful strategy for assimilating written information. This technique can help students to create a mental framework of the passage. 

Reading comprehension skills requires effective reading. In reading comprehension, it is crucial to be able to identify the main idea, the authors tone and the structure of the passage. There are no shortcuts to improve ones reading comprehension. You should practice and make reading an integral part of your daily routine. To improve your reading comprehension skills, you need to broaden your knowledge by reading, increasing your vocabulary, and by taking up reading comprehension test/practice.  In order to get a deeper understanding, you need to summarize and review important points. Understanding the deeper meaning of the passages will help you improve your reading comprehension.

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