Modern English

Language evolves through usage and through the influence of other languages.  For example, English language which steadily increases its global presence is  evolving and changing with time. English speakers today don't use the same language used by Shakespeare, Milton or Wordsworth. There are many changes that have crept into grammar, vocabulary and everyday usage. New words are formed everyday through conversation, back formation, clipping, blending etc. Even the English grammar is not static. Students, writers and even office workers need to keep up with modern English usage.  

The English language is ever-evolving, growing, and changing. What we call modern English will not be considered standard in some time as the grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary of the language will change radically. Even though language evolves and changes according to territorial and generational dialects, it is important to know how new words are formed. This will help us to easily find out the meaning of the new words. One can also broaden his/her horizon by learning the etymology of words in order to keep track of how new words are formed and included in modern English.

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