Learn English

If you are reading this article the odds are that you already have a fair knowledge of English. Why would we then urge you to learn English? In today’s world, just knowing English is not enough. It is not enough that you know to read, write and speak English. If you want to join a college of your choice, you should be able to do more than that. You should be able to answer questions in the critical reading section in SAT and in the reading section in ACT. Equally, you should be able to write a short essay in the optional Writing Section of ACT and SAT.

If you have taken up English as a second language, you would still want to get to a level that allows you to get ahead. For example, colleges often have TOEFL or IELTS certification as a prerequisite for taking up a course with them. You would need to get past TOEFL to get admission into the college of your choice. English is becoming the lingua franca of higher studies.  

You have the urge and eagerness to learn English and get to another level. However, for that you would need help. Not because English is a demon that you want to slay but because you are not sure about how to go about getting your English up to speed. For example, you may not know how to get past the ACT English Test or the critical reading section in SAT. You are also not sure if you will be able to set aside some time to practice English. You may be able to snatch time here and there but not a committed time slice each day. So, who would help you getting your English up to speed given these constraints? You may want to look at online tutoring companies who go at your pace and go as per your convenient time.

Englishprep.com, for example, is an online tutoring company that provides help in English at affordable rates. Englishprep.com’s experienced teachers will help you step by step to learn English at your own pace, at your own time. Go for Englishprep.com if you have a specific goal in mind, for example, acing the SAT exam.

Good luck in your quest to learn English.