Most kinds of tests which assess your readiness for higher education have a Reading Section. For example, SAT has critical reading section, ACT has a Reading Section, and ASVAB has paragraph comprehension. And most Reading Sections have passages that are accompanied by questions that do not have direct answers. The reader needs to deduce the answers from the passage. These are the inference type questions.

If you are planning to take one of these tests, be aware that you will probably have to draw conclusions and then answer the inference type questions. Do not take anything directly stated by the author as an answer. You will have to go through the passage logically and then put two and two together to arrive at the answer. For example, look at this paragraph from Maginnis’s Pen Drawing an Illustrated Treatise:

Ought the pen, then, to be persuaded into the province of the brush? Since the natures of the two means differ, it does not stultify the water-color that it cannot run the deep gamut of oil. Even if the church-organ be the grandest and most comprehensive of musical instruments we may still be permitted to cherish our piano. Each has its own sphere, its own reason for being. So of the pen,—the piccolo flute of the artistic orchestra. Let it pipe its high treble as merrily as it may, but do not coerce it into mimicking the bassoon.

It can be inferred from the paragraph that:

A. piano is only second to the church-organ in a scale rating musical instruments.

B. what the piccolo flute is to pen, the bassoon is to water-color.

C. each method of art has a reason for being there.

C is correct. Although explicitly stated, we can infer this from sentence 1, 2, 4 and 5.

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