GED Test Online

General Educational Development test certifies that the test taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. The test has five parts - writing, reading, social studies, science and mathematics. The GED test is administered by the American council of Education. Any candidate who has not passed a high school diploma may take the GED test and he or she has to be minimum16 years of age. All the questions are basically multiple choice questions except the Writing Skills and the math test. The Writing test requires that you to write a short essay and the math test requires that you write answers on a grid. The candidates are required to take the test in one of the test centers as taking GED test online is not possible.

Passing the GED test serves as the equivalent of a high school diploma. So, it is like a second chance for people who could not finish their high school due to various circumstances. It is very crucial to pass the test as most companies give importance to educational qualifications and require a high school diploma to even consider a candidate for any position. Many people have lost several opportunities because of their lack of qualifications, but they still shy away from taking the test. There are many reasons why people don’t want to take up the test.  Majority of them refrain from attempting the GED test as they believe that it is a difficult test. This is a misconception. GED is a relatively easy test as the questions are quite predictable.  In order get through the test the candidates need to prepare well for the test and they can now even take help from many of the online tutoring companies.

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