English for Speakers of Other Languages ( ESOL ) is becoming more and more necessary. Whether you are in the first world, second world, or third world, English today is considered a basic skill and not a good-to-have skill. Realization is dawning on pundits and common folks alike that English is pivotal in increasing a person’s opportunity worldwide. English provides access to information available online which otherwise would be lost. Speakers of other languages also realize that English helps build networks and therefore creates economic and cultural links worldwide. It is the de facto common language of the world today. Speakers of this language are more likely to share knowledge and build relationships. In the business world English will help relationships in a way that goes beyond contracts, licenses and warranties. It becomes a tool for collaboration.

The earlier folks who have English as a Second Language (ESL) realize this truism the more easy will it be for them to assimilate into  multilingual and multicultural environments. That is all very well said but where will people who have first language other than English learn English? Also, is it enough to know survival English? Will a student with limited knowledge of English succeed in an academic environment of native English speakers? Good academic environment, whether we like it or not, whether we overtly acknowledge or not, is largely in the English speaking countries. In such an environment the knowledge transfer and cross pollination of knowledge happens through the medium of English. For transfer of knowledge where the structure is intricate, even dense, not only survival English is required, it is highly desirable that the nuances of the English language be mastered.

The question we asked earlier is very important. Whom does a learner or a busy professional turn to in order to learn good English? A viable answer to this question could be to get help from online English tutoring companies. The reason for this is that online tutoring is often accessible from a cozy corner of your home. But not every online English tutoring company can teach you the nuance of the language. Make sure the company has qualified tutors and well researched course material. Find out if they provide one-on-one tutoring: someone like Englishprep.com. They are the best in the business. They teach not only English basics but also equip learners with such good English as will stand them in good stead in business or academic environments.