English Writing

Language involves four fundamental skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. A student of language is initiated into each of these fundamental skills to gain proficiency in English language.  It is a truism that a language begins with listening, is carried forward by speaking, is extended by reading and finally, is archived and perpetuated through writing.  The great essayist Francis Bacon, in his Of Studies gives a language learner’s perspective: Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

Bacon asserts that writing marks the culmination of the acquisition of a language.  Writing is a focused expression of thought and study.  It enhances the ability to think and write.  The perceptions and critical faculties of the individual improves which later helps in increasing the capacity to deal with other disciplines as philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, politics and of course, other branches of literature. 

The process of writing begins in uncertainty and hesitation, which becomes certain and confident only as a result of diligent thought and practice.  The three basic stages – discovering ideas, creating an  rough draft of a paper and preparing a finished essay are necessary for the language learner.  It involves forming connections between ideas, ensuring coherency and fluency and finally, focusing on presenting the ideas concisely.  It is important that the writer begins by free writing, that is, allows the mind to mull over all possibilities puts down these possibilities into her writing.  Brain storming initiates and develops new ideas. 

The next stage would be focusing on one’s own journal notes to focus the mind to the relevant topic. The notes aid in concentrated thought, leading the writer forward.  At a later stage, the writer would present contrasting ideas to develop the conflict or a predominant side of an argument.  These tactics would help in the formation of an organized set of paragraphs that would develop and enlarge a central idea. 

English writing is multifaceted.  It involves the association of the mechanics of writing and contemporary relevance.  The fine balance between the semantic and the syntactic relationship has to be preserved.  Even a minute error distracts the attention of the reader and the flow gets inhibited.  The task of the writer is challenging.  Englishprep.com, with its searchable help material, and expert guidance will help you to write like a pro. With Englishprep.com’s 24/7 online tutoring service, English writing help is only a click away.