English Vocabulary

There is a school of thought that subscribes to the view that it is enough for a person to go through life with the vocabulary that she internalized during her days in school. It is an opinion that has many followers. The argument that is generally advanced by the followers of this school of thought is that why complicate things. If life is hunky dory with 2000 words why clutter the mind with more? At face value this seems a reasonable enough argument. After all, not everyone is taking up literature as a vocation. Clearly, a literati’s need for an enhanced vocabulary is much more than, say, a scientist.

But wait a minute. Isn’t a scientist discovering new things and throwing up new ideas? How does she describe a new idea with existing words? Even if she had a large set of words under her belt, she would often fall short of describing a new idea with existing words. Clearly, even with a great vocabulary, a scientist will have to push the envelope a bit to describe a new idea. It turns out that scientists not only need to internalize a large wordlist, they actually need to be constantly on the lookout for neologisms. What is true for scientists is equally true for social scientists, for psychologists, for naturalists- in fact, for most professions.

The next logical question is: Which language’s vocabulary should one work on? If you are a polyglot, you would probably want to enhance your vocabulary in all the languages that you know. However, if you do not have time for all languages, it probable makes sense to improve your English vocabulary. English is the lingua franca of the world today. To get ahead in life you need to get ahead in English Vocabulary. For busy professionals online tutoring companies may be a good option. Englishprep.com provides one-on-one online English tutoring. They have a structured program that improves your vocabulary in a time bound manner. Go with Englishprep.com. They will help you get ahead in life.