English Translation

It has become pretty simple to do translations these days. With Google translator and Babelfish and a host of other sites offering free translations, it has become easy to translate from one language to another online; translation can literally be done at a click of a button. These online translations although give you quick fixes to English translation and other translations, there remains a lot to be desired. For one thing there are often semantic problems associated with the translations; for another thing there is syntax errors associated with these translations. If you are doing some serious pedagogical work and want English translation of that work, it makes sense to engage a professional translator.

Obviously, the translator should have equal facility in her native language as well as in English. While there may be many who claim to have this skill, you may well struggle to get a person really adept in both languages. It may well be worth your while to do a background check of the translator to whom you are entrusting the job of English translation. If English happens to be her second (or even third language), has she done an English course of repute? If your work is Academic, has she done a course which gives lessons in Academic English? If you are interested in Business English and want to get some of your work translated into English for financial journals it is best to check out what the English translator’s facility is with Business English. If Business writing is going to be a regular feature of your work and you regularly want a translation done, it may be a good idea for you to get to know Business English yourself.

If you are reading this then you already know English a bit. You only need to learn Business English so that your dependency on translators reduces. You can learn Business English from online courses offered by someone of repute like Englishprep.com. This site offers tutor-led Business English course and is affordable. The tutors are experienced, approachable and are available 24/7. They will help you learn English quickly and efficiently.

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