English Tenses

English is the most popular and widely spoken language around the world. English is used as the global communicating language and to cope with the world you need to speak English. Lack of English knowledge will make you face many frustrations. English is easy for the native speakers but for others it is not all that easy. However, learning English is not a very difficult task. Get a good hold over English and you are ready to move on in life.

One of the most important things in learning English is the knowledge of the grammatical rules. Many a times, you know the rules theoretically but while applying you tend to make some mistakes unconsciously. This may be due to lack of in-depth knowledge of the grammar rules. In grammar, tense is the most important concept. You must know the concepts of English tenses to speak correct English. While speaking English improves your overall personality, speaking wrong English may have the opposite effect. So having the correct control over the language is very essential.

Grammar is that set of rules of language used in both written and spoken language. English grammar rules include the rules of tense, voice, speech and so on. To speak English correctly, control over the grammatical rules is essential. Incorrect grammar may lead you to use wrong sentences and thus make you face embarrassing moments.

Tense is the grammatical category that categorizes action with respect to time. There are three types of tenses: past tense, present tense and future tense. Understanding the construct of all the three tenses is very important because we communicate about the three time zones: past, present and future. The study of English tenses comes under Basic English grammar. Therefore any elementary book on English grammar will provide you with the required knowledge on English tenses. Learning the tense definition alone will not do, you need to know its usage too. Using the right tense in the right place is very essential, or else the whole meaning of your speech may change.

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