English Synonyms

Synonyms are different words with the same  or very similar meanings .  For example, the words "small" and "tiny" are synonyms.  Either words can be used in the sentence such as  “ She held the tiny baby in her arms ” or  “ She held the small baby in her arms.”  Both sentences convey almost the same meaning but with a slight variation in tenor. Synonyms are indispensable to bring in deeper granularity.

Learning vocabulary is one of the most important steps in learning English language. Without enhancing vocabulary, it is not possible to have a strong command of the English language. Synonyms are invaluable resource for writing, especially creative writings. It is a mistake to repeat the same words over and over again as it can makes the writing and writer sound jaded. Over repetition of words also makes the writing dull and  dreary. For English learners it is crucial to have a strong knowledge of English synonyms.

Synonyms can make your writings more powerful. Replacing a word with its synonym which is more appropriate can bring a sentence to life. But be careful not to sound pompous and expansive with your synonyms. When you replace a word with its synonym, the meaning of sentence should not get altered.

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