English Schools

Most ESL students face several challenges when they come to a new country to study. There are many aspects that influence in every stage of learning. The ESL students need to overcome many factors such as cultural background, fear of the unknown and language barriers. They often lag behind in most subjects as they do not understand lectures delivered in the English language.

Different learners face different problems when learning in English schools. For example, a Chinese student faces more problems in English than a student from Germany. This is because German language is closer to English. A well balanced ESL syllabus will prove to be very useful when teaching students from different nations. It will help both the student and the teacher to overcome the language barriers. It can create a good learning experience for the students. It is important to note that learning English as a second language involves much more than learning the English language.

ESL students may have different perceptions of the classroom. They have to get off the baggage of what they had learned in their countries of origin. In fact, they may have to unlearn a few things that inhibit their learning in the new environment. They would first need to understand the methodology of teaching and the structures of the language to blend themselves with the new environs. 

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