English Rhymes

A repetition of similar sounds in two or more words is called a rhyme. Rhyming is usually seen in poetry or songs. We are introduced to the world of rhymes at a very young age. Most of us would agree that rhymes evoke nostalgic memories. Kids enjoy rhymes and they are often hooked by the jingle of the nursery rhymes. The natural inclination of children towards rhyme can be advantageously used by parents. English rhymes can be used as a form of entertainment as well as an effective tool to teach vocabulary and basics word structure to children. English rhymes also encourage children to enjoy music.

For kids, their world is all about fun. Rhymes are effective methods to teach the kids in a fun, interactive way. Make sure that the children understand what they are singing.  Encourage them to ask questions about word definition. English rhymes can also be used to teach numbers. For example rhymes like, ‘One two, buckle my shoe’ and ‘Five little Ducks’ can be a tool for teachers and parents to teach young studnets counting. It is amazing to see how children pick up the concept of counting through nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes also enhance early reading skills and phonemic awareness. Apart from all this, rhymes also help kids to speak properly and teach them how to make facial gestures and expressions to express their feelings.

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