English Literature

To appreciate any literature one needs to have a fairly good knowledge of that language. Of course, appreciating literature does not come easily to everyone. Some struggle with literature, some are impatient with the seemingly dense language, some even question literature’s raison d’etre. Yet there are others who enjoy literature and delve into it just for the fun of it. There are those who undertake serious research on literature. For researchers, the socio-economic milieu of a period is carefully crafted into good literature. Often literature gives out the values, motivations, and the aspirations of a time.

But the truth is that most of us get to know literature when literary articles and stories get embedded in our textbooks. Like it or not, literature is for real. For example, generation after generation of North Americans, Britons, Australians, and New Zealanders get glimpses of English literature as they go from one grade to another in school. Although, till the nineteenth and the early twentieth century, Britain and America were the fountainheads of all English writings, in the late twentieth century and the twenty first century, English writing has spread the world over. English literature now has new authors. In particular, some erstwhile colonies of Great Britain have adopted English in a big way. This adoption has given English and English literature a big impetus. For some countries like India, it was fortuitous for her citizens that she adopted English in a big way very early on. Now that English is becoming the international lingua franca, it gives Indian citizens a head start wherever international jobs are up for grabs.

Jobs with international tag come with huge remuneration and there is intense competition to get those jobs. Equally, these jobs, more often than not, require college degrees and technical degrees. This prerequisite has fuelled a rush to get past college admission tests like SAT and ACT. But here is the rub. Tests such as these- among other assessments- test a college aspirant’s facility with English. A person’s knowledge of English literature comes in very handy. The reading sections in these tests have passages from English literature followed by questions on these passages. Of course, in such a context, learning of English literature is not for fun. One has to learn it in a structured manner. Try a method that will give you maximum scores in SAT or ACT; methods such as the ones taught by online tutoring companies like Englishprep.com. This online tutoring company can prepare you to answer English questions at your own pace. You get acquainted with college admission tests from the comfort of your home. You practice from the comfort of your home, all at an affordable price.

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