English Grammar in Use

When learning a new language one should never underestimate the importance of grammar. Learning English grammar will enable you to understand how sentences are constructed in English and it will enable you to construct sentences without syntactic errors. It is also very important to use correct grammar when you speak and write in English. Without the knowledge of grammar one cannot comprehend the sentences and the message that it conveyed. 

Like any language English grammar has regular and irregular grammatical patterns. One needs to concentrate on these patterns and look out for examples while reading, writing or listening English. You need to keep in mind that a small grammatical error can change the entire meaning of a sentence. At the earliest opportunity you should also practice whatever you have learned in English grammar.

Many people argue that grammar is useless, and tedious. They argue that English grammar in use is mandated by boring rules that are forced down students’ throats in schools. But the truth is that people who have a good working knowledge of grammar have a clear advantage over someone whose grammar skills are less than adequate. Remember that correct usage of grammar makes you look more intelligent, gets your point across and gives you credibility. 

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