English Essay

Essay is a short composition on a given subject and it usually represents the personal view of the author. For students, English essay writing is the first step to enter into the world of writing. It is an excellent way to stimulate learning and critical thinking in a student. In most countries round the world, essay writing has become a major part of formal education. Evaluation of essays written by students is now used as tools to evaluate students’ knowledge levels and academic performance.

Essay writing is one of the hardest and complicated tasks a student needs to master. It is a daunting task for many students. They find it difficult to muster the courage to write an essay. Essay writing plays an important role in the students’ academic life as it affects the grades, admission and even the reputation of the student. English essay writing is crucial for the development of the students’ skills in writing and critical thinking. It also gauges the students ability to perform under pressure. Essay writing serves as a reflection of the student’s thinking skills.

To write a perfect English essay, there are many skills which one need to master. Essay writing is not easy, and it requires hard-work as well as practice. One of the difficulties that students have in writing an essay is that they cannot express themselves the way they want in their writings. This is due to indifferent grammar knowledge and application, limited vocabulary and most importantly, lack of practice. A student needs to develop a critical and analytical mind to write good essays. It is also important for the students to read lots of book and articles to write on any topic given to them.

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