English Composition

Many students have nightmares about English composition lessons in their first term at college. Writing is an art and it may not be possible for you to start writing good English instantly. One can write fluently with constant practice. There are certain rules which a writer needs to follow when writing. Writing is like a trade in which an educated man should be skilled.  Clear cut writing with no grammatical mistakes is crucial, especially for undergrads and grads. Excellent writing skill in English pays good dividend in the long run.

English composition can help you express and articulate your views. So, do not let inertia take over and thwart your endeavors to learn how to write English compositions. Express your feelings, personal thoughts and experience through good and meaningful writing. Make it a habit to write a journal everyday. Write about unfamiliar sights. Try and render an ineffable sight effable through your writing.

 Writing can improve by revising the draft over and over again. So, you should rework your paper to check for any mistakes. You can also do cross checking with your classmates. Remember that to perfect your writing skills you need to practice a lot and have patience. Brush up your grammar skills and increase your vocabulary. All these small steps will stand you in good stead.

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