English Classes

The dynamic social, cultural, psychological and environmental influences often sustain student interest in studies.  Psychological evidences advocate an attention span of a few minutes.  Bearing this in mind, classes have to be tuned to ensure that each student is benefited from the teaching process. 

 Language involves developing basic communication competence, extending vocabulary, listening purposefully and acquiring clarity in comprehension and expression. English is a language that is often taught as the first language or as a second language.  There are variations between the native speakers’ and the non-natives’ use of English. To facilitate interaction and to prepare the ground for a considerable precision in the use of English language, English classes have to be designed to permit global argot.  The aim is to instill confidence in students to be able to effectively communicate at the global level.

Clearly, the English tutor has a daunting task ahead.  She has to break barriers that hinder learning of English and foster a fearless approach in its adoption.  The need of the hour is to nurture young minds to meet the demands of globalization and by expanding their English horizons.  The learner has to be motivated to articulate the English sound and develop an acceptable accent.  This is the neutral accent.  Practical, reliable and viable methods of teaching have to be adopted.  The curricula have to be restructured and reorganized to engender a more enjoyable and interactive classroom.  Activities and projects have to engage the students while honing their language skills.   The vocabulary store needs constant revision and expansion. 

Such a mammoth task would remain a vision if it is not put into practice.  Experts in English from all over the world, governments, and committed educational organizations must shake off inertia to restructure and reframe educational patterns to provide extensive support to the teaching faculty.  Contemporary topics need to be addressed, teacher-support websites should receive attention and honors for appreciable service have to be enhanced.  These efforts would generate enthusiasm in the teaching faculty, thus securing a platform for a healthy teaching-learning environment.

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