Do You Speak English?

Do you have to shake your head when someone asks you the question, “Do you speak English? “ It must be a very uncomfortable for you when you have to say “No”. In today’s world where everyone is connected, it is crucial to speak English. English has become the international language which bridges the communication barrier. It has become the language that you need to know in order to earn respect or just to express yourself in the business world. English is used as the medium of communication all over the world in schools, workplace and social life.

It is natural to have the urge to learn English as it is becoming the universal language. If you are not able to communicate in English, it can set you back in many aspects of your life. You need to have a strong attitude and determination to learn English. Many times you will stumble upon words that you do not understand, words you cannot pronounce, or words you didn’t even know existed. You need to be persistent. Improve your English by reading books, watching movies, reading dictionaries and communicating with English speaking people.

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