Broken English

Broken English is the grammatically incorrect use of the English language. It is also called fractured English. It is specifically used to denote the poorly structured English by non-native speakers of the language. For example “Can I please stay for sometime?” may be rendered as “Me staying for sometime please?” in broken English.  Many non-native speakers fail to use proper English due to their lack of knowledge of English grammar and poor vocabulary. Sometimes their words fail them or they just don’t have the knowledge to construct a proper English Sentence. Since the importance of the English grows rapidly in all fields of human life, it has become more and more important to have knowledge of proper English.

English is no doubt a complex language. There are many confusing words which are used in every day conversation. Apart from the confusing words, there are large number of grammar rules to be followed. Many non native speakers are using broken English and often feel frustrated as they cannot communicate what they mean to say. Broken English is characterized by improper grammatical structure, limited vocabulary, and the lack of exposure to English Language. Broken English cannot be used to express very intricate thought-processes and  therefore one needs to use quality English to get ones thoughts across in such a such a scenario. Since using proper English is important in a formal or professional environment many people are now enrolling themselves to brush up their English.

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