British English

The British Empire was the largest and the most influential empire the world has ever witnessed. It was known as the "The Empire on which the sun never sets.” The empire touched almost the entire world.  As such, the English language has spread far and wide. Even today, English language still dominates the world. It has now become the language of the Internet and international business & commerce. British English basically refers to the form of English language used in the United Kingdom. It is considered to be the original English and is more formal than any English spoken anywhere.

British English has its own unique vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar structure.  Even though the Britons and Americans speak the same language, it differs in many ways. There are many variations in dialects, accents and spellings between the American and the British English. The first thing that you will notice between the British and American English is the choice of vocabulary. For example, Britons use the word aerial while the Americans use the word antenna. It is also interesting to see how some words are spelled differently in American and British English. In some cases, the same word may even have a slightly different pronunciation. In British English, the words that end in l and are preceded by a vowel, usually we have the l doubled when a suffix is added. But, in American English, the letter is not doubled. Although the American and British English seem like the same language, they use many different words and expressions. There are also many natural British English words which are not really used in American English.  One needs to know the difference between the American and British English not only for sake of communication, but also to avoid embarrassment of using incorrect words.

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