Book Review: Scarlet Letter

This is a book review of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.

The action takes place in the seventeenth century puritan Boston. The book is about a woman who commits adultery and her life thereafter. The book begins with Hester Prynne being taken to the town prison with her baby Pearl. Hester has a red "A" on her chest which stands for adultery. Her husband has supposedly been lost at sea on his way to meet Hester in Boston. However, the reader finds that he is in fact in Boston under the assumed name of  Roger Chillingworth. Only Hester knows his identity. During the time that Hester's husband was lost at sea she had an affair with the town minister, Arthur Dimmesdale. Pearl is Arthur and Hester’s child. Roger has an idea that the Arthur has some connection to Hester's secret lover but isn’t quite sure until he discovers the letter "A" written in red on his chest. The Minister is sick and his condition is going bad to worse.  Hester goes to Roger for help but he refuses help. Hester and Arthur decide to runaway to Europe with Pearl. They both feel relieved after they make that decision. In fact Hester is so relieved because of her decision to leave that she removes the letter “A” and lets her hair down. Roger finds out about their plan and manages a berth on the same ship. Before they are set sail, Arthur stands before the town with Hester and Pearl, exposing the scarlet letter on his chest. Arthur Dimmesdale drops dead. Roger Chillingworth passes away the next year.  Hester and Pearl leave Boston. Many years later, Hester returns home wearing the Scarlet Letter. Pearl marries a European and starts a family. After Hester’s death she is buried next to Arthur and they share a tombstone with the scarlet letter "A"

Englishprep.com recommends all learners of English to read this book to get a glimpse of seventeenth century America. The reader will also come to admire the brilliant characterization of a proud woman fighting a bigoted society.