Book Review: Little Women

This is a book review of Little Women by Louisa M Alcott.

This early 19th century novel takes place just a few days before Christmas during the 1860 Civil War. The four girls, Meg, Josephine, Beth and Amy weren’t quite thrilled with the spartan gifts they got for Christmas. They understood though, with their father away at war, their mother needed extra help and cooperation from them.

Each girl did their part to help out wherever they could. The three eldest girls went to work while Amy went to school. None of them liked the idea but plodded along knowing that there was no other way. Naturally, they preferred doing something fun like drawing, writing or music.

On New Year’s Eve, Meg and Jo were able to go to a New Year’s Eve party. Here they met Theodore Lawrence, also referred to as “Teddy” and “Laurie” throughout the book. Jo stayed off the dance floor, while Meg danced when she bumped into Teddy.

He became a part of their lives. He was like a brother to them. After sometime, Teddy introduced Meg to his brother, John. They got along very well, and went on to marry a few years later.

As Meg and Jo were dating and working, Beth was helping families out. It seemed like a good idea, until she came into contact with a family with Scarlett Fever, and she caught the fever.  Beth felt very weak for months. As Christmas came, though her heart was weakened forever, Beth was well enough to walk around. That Christmas, their father returned home.

Four years passed many changes occurred. Teddy went off to Harvard. Jo wanted to go Harvard as well, but couldn’t. John and Meg got married, Amy went to France with Aunt March to study art. Jo went to New York to get away and to be known as a writer.

While she was in New York she became friendly with a man, Fredrick. He kept her company, and they had a lot in common. Jo said he was just grateful to have a friend. They lost contact for a while, when Jo had to hurry home suddenly.

Beth was ill again, and this time looked even worse than before. Jo came back to find a very weak Beth, and a pregnant Meg. Knowing she would lose Beth, Jo began spending as much time with Beth as she could. Jo was the last person Beth saw before she passed away.

Beth’s death, while tragic, actually inspired Jo. She quickly began wring a memoir of her life, and her sisters. As soon as she was finished she sent it off to a publisher, and soon news got delivered by Fredrick that her book had been published.

Fredrick said he could not stay; he was going out of state to teach. This was when Jo told him she was hoping to turn Aunt March’s house into a school house, as they were no longer living in it. She then asked him if he would be a teacher in her school. Fredrick accepted the offer.

Everything in the end worked out fine. Meg and John had twins. Amy married Laurie, after they ran into each other in France. Jo ran her school and always had Fredrick was by her side.

We, at Engishprep.com, urge all learners of English to study this excellent book in detail.