Bad English

At times a good project gets rejected because the language used in the project proposal is incomprehensible to the person carrying out the vetting of the project. Language is more than a medium of communication. It is also a key to your academic progress, professional progress, even your spiritual progress. You may say that to mention spiritual progress is carrying the argument of language too far. But look at it this way. Imagine you have got a spiritual book that you think may help you get ahead spiritually. But you are not able to get past just the first chapter owing to what you think is very dense language of the book. Perhaps, you would have got it the first time if you had some facility with the language of the spiritual book.

Still, I will concede there may or may not be merit in saying that facility with language is a spiritual enabler. But there is enough evidence to prove that facility in language gets one ahead academically and professionally. And if the language that you have mastery over happens to be English, you already have a huge edge over your competitors and your peers. English is the language of business, academe, intelligentsia, multinational expeditionary forces, and even of governments. Clearly, it will get you nowhere if your business partners or your fellow academicians think that you have bad English. However snobbish and elitist it may sound, the truth is that the window to the world today is English. So get your act together and polish your English. Get help if required. Practice. Practice. Practice.

If you have a crazy schedule and can’t spare time go in for some online English courses. But be careful while choosing a course. Make sure what you want is what the course offers. If you are looking for getting your Business English up to speed, doesn’t make sense to enroll in a course that explicitly says English Grammar course. Take up a course that says Business English. Sign up with people that provide you tutor led sessions at the pace set by you: for example, Business English course from Englishprep.com. They offer one-on-one online tutoring at the time and pace that you are comfortable with. Go for Englishprep.com. Remember that bad English is not only bad, it is actually an impediment to your professional progress.