American English

English is currently the most widely spoken and written languages worldwide. It is estimated that there are some 380 million native speakers and over 700 million people, speak English, as a foreign language. American English has now become the most dominant language today due to the impact of American popular culture. It is also interesting to note that American English is like the mother tongue of the Web .The main language used in the Internet is American English. It is now a necessity for someone who wants to be a member in the globalized world to speak American English.

In today’s globalized world, American English dominates the world as no language ever has. In every school and college American English, rather than British English is being increasingly taught. So, why does American English influence our globalized world so much? The reasons behind this would be due to the influence of American popular culture like books, movies, music and American life style. Internet is also one of the factors as it helps in spreading a global language that is much closer to American English than the traditional (British) English. One factor which we can also take into account is the relaxed informal tone and manner of the American language. Many people are now considering the British English as archaic and are taking online American English class.

Americans love to play with their words and use idioms and phrases in most of their conversations. For the non-native speakers it is difficult to understand what they mean or what they are talking about. Often times, a non-native speaker is confused and lost when she speaks with the native speaker. This can be avoided by taking online American English class.

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